Universal Product Feed

E-commerce stores have seen triple-digit growth with Universal Product Feed

Universal Feed App was built by marketers as a one-stop solution that would help create shops and dynamic ads for all their desired platforms through a single link.

Universal Product Feed Features

When you connect your data feed to your social media platforms, you make it effortless for shoppers to find inspiration, browse, and most importantly, buy!
Custom Options

Universal feed has plenty of custom
options through which you can segment
products on Facebook/Google to create different product sets.


Universal feed app also has the feature
to check stock availability so you can filter products
based on stock. The product sets
will be updated automatically.

Collection Based Feed

Through our product feed app, you can
create a product feed for any specific collection
or multiple ones. This way, any collection can be included or excluded as well.

How does Universal Product Feed work?


Install the Universal Product Feed app.


Configure the feed in Shopify.


Connect your feed link with Catalog.

Prevent Over-Selling

Create, manage and tweak product data and inventory feeds for sales channels with automatic updates to prevent over-selling of goods.

Recover Cart Campaigns With Universal Product Feed

Retarget your customers who leave their filled carts and encourage them to check out.

Target Your Entire Audience Pool

Build a single ad with many variations to target different audiences.


E-commerce stores have seen triple-digit growth with Universal Product Feed

From seamless product feeds to engaging push notifications, we’ve got your digital needs covered.

Push Bot Features

Stay a tap ahead with push notifications. Sell more, generate higher revenue, and ensure a positive customer experience with PushBot!
Custom Attribution

PushBot automates push notifications for Shopify, boosting engagement and recovering abandoned carts.

AI Delivery

Sends notifications based on
customers’ last activity of click
and purchase.

Abandoned Views

Sends notifications to customers
who last viewed the product but
did not add to the cart.

How does Push Bot work?


The people who visit your online
store subscribe to push notifications.

Direct Marketing

PushBot sends notifications to the subscriber’s device,
leading them back to the store.

Successful Purchase

The subscriber sees the notification,
returns to the store, and buys the product.

Send push notifications automatically to customers on all funnel stages

One of the key advantages of web push notifications is their ability to reach users even when they are not actively using the website. You can send notifications automatically to abandoned carts, abandoned checkout, shipping notifications, and welcome notifications.

Why should you have abandoned cart reminders?

Through PushBot, you can magnify visibility across different times to ensure a 28% increase in AOV for carts recovered via web push. Added discounts can help recover abandoned carts better. You can recover carts by just enabling an option on the app. There is also a native opt-in feature to collect subscribers.

Designed & Worked by the Latest Integration

Through PushBot, you can segment your customers based on their activities. This allows you to understand them and send them laser targeted push notifications. Simultaneously, you can also track the performance of your web push marketing. This makes it easier to keep users connected to your app, website, or service, increasing user interaction and overall engagement.